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– Arthouse Clemens Keiffenheim

Clemk - Clemk - Wiener Vernissagen - Gallery Steiner
– Vienna Vernissages

ClemK - Hunting scenes in the gallery 13.3. - 14.4.2024
ClemK - Blow up Schutting II - Faces of a poet  8.5. - 1.6.2024
Live Act with ClemK and Julian Schutting. Painting meets writing. 16.5., 18 - 20 h
ClemK - WHO the f... is ClemK? 29.8. - 20.9.2024
19.09. Finissage - You should know in the meantime.

Gallery Steiner, Kurrentgasse 4, 1010 Wien

Vernissage 08.05. und Live Act 16.05. – Impressions

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ClemK - Director, cinematographer, author, filmmaker and painter. ClemK was drawn to Rome at a young age as a volunteer for the Italowestern. Here he proved himself to be a valued painter during breaks in filming. Even today, this time shimmers in his portraits as if through an atavistic veil.

Clemens Keiffenheim
– Technique

He starts with self-photographed portraits, paints them en miniature, photographs them again, overpaints, enlarges on canvas. Takes calculated by the enlargements resulting coarser pigmentation and distortions, colored, enlarged and painted over again until he is satisfied.

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ClemK has to smile when he calls himself an "atavist". But especially in times of artificial intelligence and increasing overtechnologization of our exuberant world, he sees himself as a colorful countermovement. No turning away from progress, but from wild growth instead of consolidation. This provokes his atavistic reflexes. In abstract forms of expression he finds a direct connection to our primal instincts and emotions.

Overall, Atavist ClemK calls for a lasting renewal of our grounding in the world. Sensually, he explores our relationship to our ancestors and to nature in his archaic portraits. He reads faces, enlarges in detail to the abstract, and as a former filmmaker makes the fleetingly overlooked fascinatingly visible to us in painted close-ups.

Clemens Keiffenheim - Clemk

Clemens Keiffenheim - Clemk

ClemK si considera un atavico. Un colorato contro-movimento alla crescente ipertecnologia e complessità del nostro mondo effervescente. Nessuna deviazione dal progresso, ma dalla crescita a tutti i costi invece che dal consolidamento. Un ritorno a forme di espressione astratte, una connessione immediata con i nostri istinti ed emozioni primordiali.

Nel complesso, l'atavista ClemK intende l'arte come una ricerca di autenticità. Ci incoraggia a rinnovare in modo sostenibile il nostro radicamento nel mondo esplorando il nostro rapporto con la natura e i nostri antenati in modo arcaico e sensuale.
Per dirla semplicemente: gli piace molto dipingere!

Clemk - Clemk - Wiener Vernissagen - Gallery Steiner

ClemK loves people, especially their faces. He studies them extensively to read the character traits. To express this painterly, may not be expected from him classically "beautiful" portraits. With a self-developed blow up technique, a diverse mix of materials and in up to 15 steps, his works are created.

Mit Schutting beim Heurigen

More about the exhibition Schutting.

Clemens Keiffenheim - Ausstellung Schutting
Blow up Schutting

The vernissage and the accompanying homage to Julian Schutting was celebrated as an intense and very entertaining event ...

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